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  Our these silicon sex doll made with solid silicone material. The whole body is solid.It is not semi inflatable sex dolls. Its skin is very soft and elastic. These love dolls with the vagina and the anus similar woman. It is a very good adult sex toys.
It can have sex with men. Its body is very soft,
You can follow one's inclinations of bending his body to make love.

If you want to buy a silicone sex dolls can stand up and can keep its some position, please buy our more expensive silicone sex dolls, its body install skeleton, because it is only sex dolls, its purpose is easy to sex with men, so it's skeleton is simple,
its weight is lighter and easy to bend,
so there is a skeleton in the silicone sex dolls cannot stand like clothing mannequin, this sex dolls only can standing rely the wall.

At present, there are a lot of ignorance of suppliers post some very sexy doll photos or some sexy girls pictures , and its price is very low. This is not real, they only sell some very cheap inflatable sex dolls, The inflatable doll is made of PVC , its shape doesn't like a real woman. The real inflatable dolls and also showing on our website, If interested in it. please look at the other pages.

Only silicone sex dolls very like a sexy girl. But silicone sex dolls full size as real grils.Its  weight have 16 kg . it need spend much expensive silicone materials to produce it.
So,These  silicone sex dolls have not as inflatable sex dolls with very cheap prices.

If you are interested in these sex dolls or have any questions, please send an email to us, our customer service will answer your question soon,

We produce these sexy silicone sex dolls is to help some men traveling bachelor or no sexual partners can fulfill his sexual fantasies.

If you less than 18 years old, please don't buy these sexy silicone sex dolls.Because it is adult male sex toys. It is real make love dolls.

In order to ensure the health of penis, ,If need sexing with this love doll .please put on a condom.

In order to ensure no man to coitus with this sexy female love doll before you .We these silicone sex doll's vaginal and the anus is closed. It has a layer of thin film, like the hymen .when having sex with it for the first time, This thin film is need to be cut open. The purpose is to ensure that only one man can have sex with her. If the film did to opened, our these silicone sex dolls are not allowed to be sales again.

At present, our these silicone sex dolls is very beautiful, very lifelike as real sexy girl, and can make love with her. The price is cheaper, free shipping to worldwide. We these sex dolls sold to more than 50 countries.

Buy our these realistic female sex dolls are very easy, you just need to in this website, online payment, we will produce according to your request, a few days later, the beloved sex dolls will be delivered to your home.

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These smaller dolls also can vaginal sex and anal sex.
Its price only $750(No skeleton) or $900(with skeleton)
Included deliver costs. No other extra costs.

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real realistic silicone sex doll picture:Bjsexdolls-800

cheap real love dolls and lifelike silicone sex dolls picture:Bjsexdolls-801

We are a specialized manufacturer of silicone sex dolls in China.
Our these silicone sex dolls very lifelike as real sexy girls. It also has very realistic vagina and the anus. It is a very good adult male sex toys.

Our these real love dolls are cheaper price and will free shipping to your home by DHL/EMS.
If you are interested in these sex dolls or have any questions, please send an email to us, Our customer service will answer these questions soon.

If you need, please in our website to purchase, the purchase is through a third party guarantee's Paypal payment, This way can guarantee that you receive goods,

please don't have any doubts, when you after payment.we will produce it and deliver it to you in about a week.Some requires can to choose, such as you can choose it face, hair color, skin color, and so on.

These sex dolls very lifelike ad life size real women.
It is made of very softly solid silicones .
Design a pussy and a anus. She can coitus with men.
It can have vaginal sex and anus sex.

The usual size is 156cm. Weight: 16KG
The price :$1000.  Free shipping to around the world..
(If with skeleton, Price: $1300, Free shipping to around the world)
The Smaller size: 125cm. Weight : 12kg
The price :$750.  Free shipping to around the world.
(If with skeleton, Price: $900, Free shipping to around the world.)

Chest size:81.6cm, Waist size: 54.4cm, Butt size : 86.7cm.
If  you have any questions . Please email to us.  We will answer quickly.
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