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The inflatable dolls need air, it is the price of $50 to $150.
If it is cheaper in the inflatable doll, its head also need air, and it's face, nose, etc are printed, no fingers, toes, etc., its shape is just like a balloon.
This is good quality inflatable dolls some suppliers said "Semi solid silicone sex dolls."
It's real nflatable dolls oictures below, it is made of PVC material.
Although this inflatable dolls have vaginal sex, it can be sure, it is not realistic.
If you want to buy a sexy sex dolls, please buy our other silicone doll: >> Life size silicone dolls

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Product Name: Inflatable sex doll
(Male's love dolls and woman's love dolls)

Size : 160cm. 
Weight: 3kg
Material: Semi solid silicone and Plastic.
Package : CartonPrice: $150
Freight costs: $50 by EMS/DHL  
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