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1,/ 156cm silicone sex dolls no skeleton : $1000 (Free Shopping)

2,/ 156cm silicone sex dolls with skeleton: $1300 ( Free Shopping)          
3,/125cm silicone sex dolls no skeleton: $750 ( Free Shopping)
4,/125cm silicone sex dolls with skeleton :$900 ( Free Shopping)
Video:(Silicone sex dolls)


European girls model

Blond hair,

Blue eyes


Biger size:156cm

Smaller size: 125cm


East girls model

Black hair/brown hair

Blown eyes


Biger size: 156cm

Samller size: 125cm

      The silicone sex love dolls have a very softly body. It can place all kinds of position to fuck with men.
If have a skeleton in body. It can keep on some postures and can standing up rely on wall. Because its purpose of sex with men.
So even if its body with skeleton. Its body still very softly. It is not as mannequin with hard body to standing on floor.
Because it only a sex toy. Not is a robbot.  There have not control equipments in body.  So it can not walking and go to do other things.

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